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Aerial Assault Trooper

Alright troops listen up! This may be your first time on the island but you are about to get a crash course in surviving your first time in Fortnite. You will be in control of you, either by yourself, with a partner or part of a squad. You will be tossed into the island with nothing but your glider, your pick, and the need to survive! Here is your friend, the Aerial Assault Trooper, Commando Spitfire, to teach you the basics.
Aerial Assault Trooper is a rare skin that you will unlock once hitting level 15 and purchasable through the store. He is one of many skins, but this one can be yours if you make it out of basic. You have four core rules in Fortnite to help you stay alive. Your goal is to be the last man or team standing on the battle royal landscape of the island. You will live by these concepts, build, break, bond, and battle!
After launching from the battle bus, our Aerial Assault Trooper makes his way to any of the islands key locations as he descends. Closing in on a location, he pops his glider and makes landfall. Once this happens, your first objective is to start gathering resources to build. You will be able to make ramps, stairs, walls, and so on. These will help you survive and navigate across the world as you make your way across the ever-shrinking landscape. Building decides whether you live or die in a fight.
Of course, our aerial assault friend won’t last very long if he cannot build. In order to do that, you have to break things. Most items on the island can be broken, including buildings, trees and rocks. As the trooper breaks things, he gathers common materials such as stone, wood, and bricks. These building blocks need to be in stock when you get in a fight. Throwing up a wall can mean the difference between life and death. Ramps can also be a strong way to get the drop on your opponent.
Bonding may be the hardest of all. When playing solo, it is you versus the world. However, in teams, you will be playing with others. Your aerial assault trooper can be part of a squad of two or four. Bonding with other players on team fights will be the difference of life and death. It is important to remember that on twos, you will be against fifty teams, and as a squad, twenty five teams compete. Working together means building and breaking together and most importantly battling.
Battle is inevitable in Fortnite. Be prepared and follow these steps to get ready. Try building some ramps so your aerial assault trooper can hit them where it hurts and rain death from above. Remember, it is killed or be killed and only one person can come out on top. If you are in a squad, keep shooting until the enemy is down, but beware enemy teammates can revive them for a certain amount of time. Take everyone else down and claim your rightful victor on the island.

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