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Catalyst Fortnite

Clocking in during Season X, Catalyst Fortnite brings her own presence and style to the island. After rifting in, Cat is saved from a vagabond by her new master, a disciple of the wind temple. She undergoes rigorous training to hone her skills to new heights. Unfortunately, peace cannot last forever. Catalyst Fortnite received her kitsune mask, for its cat like features, as a token of passing her trials. Then tragedy struck, leaving catalyst as a brand-new player skin. Check out the insight here for Catalyst Fortnite.
After fleeing from Ultima and the wind temple, she meets up with the infamous Drift and they set out to build a bond of teamwork. This introduction to Catalyst sets the scene for her personality, charm, and stunning set of skins and gadgets. Catalyst Fortnite debuted in August of 2019, available through the Battle Pass and unlockable on Tier 1 as a Legendary skin. She is one of the highest rated and most recognizable characters in Fortnite.
Catalyst Fortnite rocks the island with six distinct skins. A short sleeve style using just a face mask shows off those beautiful eyes and awesome haircut. Her hoodie style shows off her all black ninja outfit, a repainted version of her kitsune mask as explained to be in tribute of her fallen master. The overcoat and overcharged style build on this same look, except one kick out with a trench coat and the overcharge bursts through with some wicked purple outlines and glowing eyes.
The Riftstorm looks reminisces of her days on the training grounds with her master. Her kitsune mask resembles the gift as it was given. Her last look, called Snowstorm, shows off an all-white look with the same glowing eyes and purple and pink accents. Catalyst brings an edge to her skins, showing off just the right touch of dark and brooding and cute and cuddly. Her style compliments her counterpart Drift in almost every way.
If you are working through the battle pass and get the entire set, you may also notice a few perks with Catalyst Fortnite. Her atmosphere resembles a metallic bow for back bling that is found in the same design as her glider, the Rift Rider. While the glider can be purchased, the back bling is only available in the set, so get it while you can. Lastly, you can also get Maximum Drift as part of the Drift set or unlocking in the Battle Pass for season X. This rifle skin gives a vorpal glow to your rifle that perfectly compliments your catalyst skin.
No matter which way you cut it, this kitsune clad babe drifts into Fortnite like no other. Her skins offer some of the most visually stunning in the game and brings a lot of character design to the package. What more could you ask for? Not only do you get six skin options, but gliders, guns, and other gizmos. The Catalyst pack is worth earning or purchasing if you are looking for a top notch skin to keep you going.

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