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Drift Fortnite – One of the most iconic faces, err, masks of the fortnite series came during Season five. Drift Fortnite captured the hearts and souls of many a Fortniter with his debut. He became the unofficial mascot for his season and continues to be a main role in the story behind Fortnite. Not only does he come with some amazing outfits, his pack offers some sweet items that can only be found in the Drift Pack. Here are some things you may not have known, and a look at Drift Fortnite.
In season 5, Drift Fortnite came with six skins that could be unlocked through the Battle Pass and gaining experience with the skin. To be frank, the first three skins are generic Mansu models that have a simple facemask and some alternating clothes for some flair. After tier 4 is unlocked, you get the kitsune mask that Drift Fortnite has become known for. This iconic mask features first with a red hoodie and pants. Unlocking the last two tiers give you a sweet green overcoat to complete his look.
These days though, Drift has a few new skins that rock out. The first of which is the Summer Drift Fortnite, sporting a hot pink button down with foxy designs and some swim trunks to be prepared for the beach. Or alternatively you could get the bare chested version only sporting a lei to keep him comfort in the sun. This Epic outfit came from the item shop for a quick 1,500 v-bucks but may not be available all the time. Of course, you could go for the Drift Fortnite set which comes with this awesome skin.
Speaking of the Drift Fortnite pack, he is such a popular character that he has his own series of gear and outfits to bring to the game. Getting the Drift Fortnite set gives you the Summer outfit above and an outfit for Catalyst. Aside from these, you get the adorable kitsune pet, a couple of back blings, some gliders, wraps and edge tools. You also receive the drift loading screen and a fan favorite cosmetic known as the rift lighting skydiving trail, which gives your glider some sweet contrails on the decent to the island.
Some of the items listed above came with the Season X Battle pass and were unlockable at certain levels. For instance the kitsune fox unlocked at Tier 28 and came in Drifts iconic white and pink, the black from Catalyst or the elegant white of the snowstorm. Unfortunately, this season ended in October of 2019, so if you missed the leveling, you may be forced to get the Drift Pack or wait until they reload on a possible future season.
Drift Fortnite is by far one of the most recognizable Fortnite characters in both looks, style, personality and back story. Over the last several seasons, he portrays a side story that exists outside of just the island and really helps build him up as a character to call your own. If you are a Drifter, keep it going and stay foxy. Our Main Page – https://fortniteaccountshop.com/