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Lynx Fortnite

Pouncing on stage for season 7, Lynx Fortnite offers some of the cutest and coolest outfits in Fortnite. She originally came in via the Battle Pass for Season 7 offering several stages to work through to unlock her awesome gear. Over the past few seasons, she gained allies and her own backstory making her one of the more in-depth characters in Fortnite. If you haven’t picked up this Legendary outfit, here are some things to expect and how to get her.
Falling inline with characters like Drift and Catalyst, Lynx Fortnite sports her own cyber wear skin with a black panther-esque vibe. Even her two starter skins come with some cute cat ears to help complete her look. Combine those with some glasses gives her the nerdy girl look that people adore. While that geeky façade comes through for phase one and two, she quickly transforms into her butt kicking combo for stage three and four.
In the later skins, she has a cybernetic skin that glows with different colors along the black exterior. Her cat ears have been replaced with a mask that shows her feline features. Completing enough challenges in the Season 7 battle pass rewarded you with additional colors to choose from for the outfit including an all back model, red and blue, for a good range. Each suit comes with her sweet mask, claws, and a tail to complete the look.
Of course, she is also available through purchase via the Lynx Fortnite set. This set includes the outfit, a scratch mark harvesting tool, the cat flip emote, a special loading screen and the spray. Some rumors exist about a gold suit as well, but that has not been brought to light yet or part of the Lynx set. If you missed the nerdy librarian with cat ears look, you may be out of luck, as it only appeared during season 7 battle pass. That doesn’t mean she won’t make a debut later though.
Lynx Fortnite has risen to be one of the favorites among Fortnite fanatics. With her own background story and recent developments with Meowcles over the month of February 2020, who knows when she might resurface. You may only need one life, but having nine would hopefully make her outfit more available. Either way, this cat-like ninja is one of the best skins in the game with its flashy looks and cute girl underneath.

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